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Stormy Moon Jewelry

Seafoam Chalcedony Crescent Moon Necklace

Seafoam Chalcedony Crescent Moon Necklace

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Lunar Elegance: Vertical Moon Charm Necklace

Indulge in celestial elegance with our Vertical Moon Charm Necklace, featuring a captivating blend of Seafoam Chalcedony and Clear Quartz. This enchanting piece combines the soothing aura of seafoam chalcedony with the pure clarity of quartz, creating a harmonious balance that mirrors the beauty of the night sky.

Key Features:

  • Seafoam Chalcedony Teardrop: The focal point of the necklace boasts a 9x13mm seafoam chalcedony stone teardrop. Known for its calming properties, seafoam chalcedony infuses a sense of tranquility, making this necklace not just a piece of jewelry but a wearable talisman of serenity.

  • Clear Quartz Accent Stone: A 4mm clear quartz accent stone adds a touch of clarity and brilliance to the design. Symbolizing purity and positive energy, the clear quartz complements the seafoam chalcedony, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

  • Raw Brass Moon Charm: Hanging gracefully from the chain is a raw brass moon charm, a popular motif that resonates with lunar energy. The moon's vertical orientation adds a contemporary twist, creating a unique and eye-catching feature.

  • Versatile Chain Design: The necklace features a 16.5 to 18-inch chain with a 1.5-inch extender, allowing you to customize the length for a perfect fit. The versatile design effortlessly transitions from casual daywear to elegant evening attire.

  • Made in the USA: Crafted with precision and care, this Vertical Moon Charm Necklace is proudly made in the USA. Each element reflects our commitment to quality, ensuring you receive a piece that seamlessly combines craftsmanship with style.

Celestial Harmony:

Embrace the celestial harmony embodied in the Vertical Moon Charm Necklace. This piece invites you to carry the mystique of the moon with you, allowing its serene energy to become an integral part of your daily ensemble.

Day-to-Night Radiance:

  • Effortless Transition: From day to night, the Vertical Moon Charm Necklace effortlessly transitions, making it a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions.

A Gift of Lunar Love:

  • Thoughtful Gesture: Looking for a thoughtful gift? This necklace, with its blend of celestial motifs and calming stones, is a meaningful expression of love and positive energy.

Elevate Your Style:

Adorn yourself with the Vertical Moon Charm Necklace—a unique fusion of lunar elegance and natural beauty that brings a touch of celestial grace to your everyday moments.

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